ForgePro ensures right quality in all aspects and supply on time. We are following best world class practices to ensure continual improvement on process and product quality.

We have complete in-plant quality control and an inspection department to maintain our high standards of precision and accuracy of forgings. A high level of vertical integration and world class quality systems ensure total control on quality of products supplied

Control of the conformity with the requirements is conducted based on constant measurements. Quality can be assured only by motivating people to improve the quality of products. Assuring quality is the task of all employees, so all must participate in order to achieve the set objectives.

Our goal is an annual decrease of rejection%, thus consequently increasing quality towards "0 PPM strategy".

ForgePro ensures the quality of the product by processing the following methods

  • Eddy Current Tester for Component Hardness Checking from Technofour.
  • Crack Detector from NDT Vector Technologies.
  • Online SPC from DSS InfoTech.
  • Chain Pull Test Machine from SRV Automations.
  • Hardness Tester MRB-250 from METATEST.
  • Optical Pyrometers for Billet Temperature Verification.
  • Surface Roughness Tester from Mitutoyo.
  • Optical Brinell Hardness Tester OPFB 3000.
  • Apart from these the Co, has regular all kind of measuring instruments for daily inspections & verifications.